OFUNE CAMOME [Cherryblossom viewing on Tiny boat]

Here comes the season of cherryblossom viewing!
Enjoy the river breeze and wide views on the tiny boat "OFUNE CAMOME".
We will start to accept your reservation in this schedules as below.

2019.March 22(FRI.)~March 31(SUN.) >>>OPEN [2019.February 4(Mon.)12:00]
2019.April 1(MON.)~April 14(SUN.) >>>OPEN [2019.February 6(WED.)12:00]

[CAMOME Cherryblossom cruising/Tour style]
>>>You can book except for the slots of "full".

[CAMOME Chartered Cherryblossom cruising/Chartered style]
>>>If you would like to charter,please select the slot indicated "10 remaining".
And input "10"in the"Guests" column.

--When the cherry blossoms will come?--
In OSAKA,the average date,It will start to bloom on March 26th.
We can enjoy the viewing about 10 days after beginning the bloom.
But it's very hard to forecast the good timing...

The last year,2018 March 29th. Fully bloomed!!

But...two years ago,2017 April 2nd. Hmmm! Not in bloom yet...

--Plans of Cherry blossom viewing Cruises--

【Pier】TEMMABASHI Hachikenya-Hama Pier (Round-trip)

【Fee】Adults 3000yen Children(6-12y/o) 1500yen(Including; Green tea,Tax)
【Charter Fee】50min. 25,000yen /80min. 32,000yen /110min. 39,000yen.
※10 passengers maximum.
※You can bring your own drinks and snacks.Please take your garbage with you.

【Course MAP】https://goo.gl/zzFjKV

【Date】2019.March.22(FRI.)~April.14(SUN.)(Closed; Tuesday)
【Pier】TEMMABASHI Hachikenya-Hama Pier (Round-trip)
【Fee】Adults 3700yen Children(6-12y/o) 2200yen
(50min. / Including; Green tea, Breakfast directly from the farm and Tax)
★Please make your reservation by 12:00 noon the 3 days before.
(Minimum passengers 2 person.)

【Course MAP】https://goo.gl/zzFjKV
Thank you for taking your time to read it through to the end.
We are looking forward to meet you on board!

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大阪の「川に浮かぶ小さなおうち」のような遊覧船 A small boat designed for enjoy Osaka warterways

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